About us…

This blog has come about through our travels as a family and the need to document these moments for not only family or friends, but as a keepsake for ourselves. Life seems to go by so quickly these days I feel it’s important to capture these moments in time.


Ritchie Rabble

us” enjoying hot chocolate in an ice castle in Lapland (2007)

Sometimes it feels as if there’s so much to see yet so little time. There are times I feel I have been to so many unique places and seen so many wonderful things yet when you map it out, it doesn’t really seem much at all!

Oh well, must be time to have another cup of coffee and begin planning the next adventure! 🙂

87 thoughts on “About us…

  1. Hello. What a surprise to see You in a photo taken in Lapland in the small town of Kemi! If we are talking about the same place, I visited there in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

    Here is my post from 2015:

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    I am also curious to know, if You visited on Your at Arctic Circle nearby the town of Rovaniemi. It in winter one of my favorite place also:

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Regards. Matti.

    Happy and safe travels!

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    • Hi Matti – how lucky are you to have been there five times?! We so want to go back again one day. I don’t think we went to Rovaniemi at all, we tended to do day trips into the great outdoors whilst there. Thank you so much for stopping by – much appreciated!

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      • I can’t believe you still remember me let alone was wondering about me so recently lol. I’ve always wondered how things were with you and your family. I’m happy you’re still going strong with the blog.
        I’ve been good. It’s been a crazy year and I needed an outlet again 🙂

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    • We moved from Kitimat Dec 30 to Prince Rupert, 200kms up the road but still in British Columbia. It’s just beautiful with the added bonus of deer walking through our backyard regularly. Now we look out to the mountains of Alaska instead of Mt Liz!


      • Hello to you once again not sure what happened but didn’t see your reply to me til just now JoJo and cannot believe you see whales in your backyard wahoo how exciting and deer also I love deer have a few fallows on our property and they are just beautiful. Lots happened here sold our house in Seymour renting in Nagambie for 12 months til we can get things organised to build on our property permits house plans etc etc all very daunting especially at my age but still exciting. I will google where you are JoJo is it as nice as Kitimat and as cold LOL
        Hope the family are all well your 2 are growing up fast I have 7 grandchildren now and another due in November and instead of making me feel old they keep me feeling young 🙂
        Sorry its been so long JoJo will do better at staying in touch
        Cheers for now


  2. Good evening Joanne! I am so incredibly impressed with your lifestyle and seemingly carefree attitude in travelling to different locales around the world especially with children. I have been fortunate to have had the privilege to travel to many places. My wonderful father encouraged this in his four daughters. My mother was born in Ireland and we enjoyed summers there as children, lovely memories. My sister and I enjoyed a seven country tour of Europe via motor coach in our 20’s, so memorable! Every college break, my sister and I took short trips to the Bahamas or Puerto Rico or Mexico. Yet in all these travels, I always took comfort in the fact that I was returning home! I have lived in the vicinity of New York City (Long Island, and now CT) my whole life. I am such a homebody that I find it terrifying to leave the place of my comfort and forge new lands! That is why I find your lifestyle so fantastic and you so brave. As they say, you only live once! Ironically, my husband had an interview today for a job in Abu Dhabi. As is my way with anything in life I find frightening I simply put out of my head till I am faced with it. I can’t imagine leaving my four sisters all who live within 30 minutes from me to a place so far away though I have heard beautiful. Your blog gives me the inspiration to try something new! Thank you. I look forward to exploring your site more and I thank you for visiting mine!


    • Hi Kathy

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and thank you so much for your kind, kind words. Life’s all about what you make it isn’t it? Having never grown up with my two siblings I can’t imagine the bond you have with all your sisters. I’m almost envious!

      And Abu Dhabi, wow! Friends have just moved back to Canada after two years there, with other friends still there. They’ve all loved it. Plus it’s so close to Europe and so many other wonderful countries – how exciting – so much to see and do. Do keep me posted!

      Thank you again, Joanne

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  3. Here’s a message from Türkiye to say “thank you” Joanne. I appreciate your recent ‘follow’, knowing how many interesting and entertaining blogs there are out there.

    Blogging since June 2013, my little corner of the world tries to offer an eclectic smattering of posts, from basic amateur photography, to sharing my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day-to-day happenings here on our fruit farm in southern Turkey. I also throw in a few of my observations on life and lighter-hearted stuff for good measure.

    You are more than welcome to have a look around, stay a while and have a trawl through my collection. There are plenty of categories within the drop-down menus to help in said digging process. Of course, if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, feel free to let me know – I’m not easily offended 🙂

    Hope you have a great day…


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  4. Joanne, I am sorry. I have lost at this game and now so have you!

    You commented on my post so you must now post the following message to continue the game (unless you have lost your sense of humour )

    “I know nobody will see my status but sometimes, when I am bored, I go into the garden, I cover myself in earth and I pretend I am a carrot.”

    Haha. Your turn.


  5. Hi Joanne!
    Iris Greenwald from Wandering Iris invited me to be a part of the Virtual Blog Tour to which I have agreed. I will be posting on Monday, July 21. By participating, I have also been asked to invite one or more people whose blog I enjoy and would like to introduce to my readers/followers. There are four questions to answer and you can include photos if you choose to your post. I’m writing to invite you to become a part of the Virtual Blog Tour. Should you accept, your post would be for Monday, July 28th. I hope you’ll say yes because I love your blog and wish to share it with others! If you accept, I’ll give you more details! Linda


      • Well, darlin, here ya go! 😉

        The Virtual Blog Tour is a relatively new project for bloggers. The rules are fairly simple:

        Compose a one-time post which is posted on Monday (date will be given to you from whoever passes on the tour)

        What am I working on?
        How does my work differ from others of its genre?
        Why do I write/create what I do?
        How does your writing/creating process work?

        Answer four questions about our creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires us to do what we do.

        Then pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers. Get their permission first and give them rules and specific Monday they are to post.

        Yours is July 28th.

        Thanks so much for accepting, Joanne! I’m really looking forward to your post! Let me know if you have any questions! 😀


      • Ooo la la – let the games begin – now I just have to find my thinking cap and all shall be fine with the world, ha ha!

        Thank you so much for considering me and also your kind words about my blog – I feel rather humbled.

        Now, I eagerly await your blog entry of July 21 😉


  6. Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I love the nature pictures. I’m still trying to make friends with the macro feature on my camera. Lots of Nepal pictures to come from me over the next year. Is Nepal on your wish list? Looks like you’ve got some travel in!


    • Thank you – after all the long-haul flights we’ve taken I wish I had even a dollar for every time I’ve been asked… “mum, how much longer?” – I could finally afford to fly first class, lol!


  7. Thank you Joanne for visiting my blog. Compliment for your photography. You have really interesting topics in your blog, which I like. I am looking forward to learn more about your travels and photography.
    Happy shooting!


    • Why thank you so much NOWOWO – how exciting – The Liebster Award! With end of school hurtling towards me at full speed (last day tomorrow) I shall ponder your questions, think of some more (?) and review my life for next week. How glorious, one really should acquire a new frock for such an auspicious occasion shouldn’t one?! Seriously, thank you and happy scribing 🙂


  8. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


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